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SUP Sch 1 Record keeping requirements

SUP Sch 1.1G

1The aim of the guidance in the following table is to give the reader a quick overall view of the relevant record keeping requirements.

It is not a complete statement of those requirements and should not be relied on as if it were.

SUP Sch 1.2G

Handbook reference

Subject of record

Contents of record

When record must be made

Retention period

SUP 4.3.17 R (3)

Data for actuary (or actuaries appointed under SUP 4 (Actuaries)


Such data as the actuary (or actuaries) appointed under SUP 4 (Actuaries) reasonably require


Not specified

Not specified

SUP 12.9.1 R, SUP 12.9.2 R,5

Appointed representatives

(1) Appointed representative's name

On appointment, amendment of contract or termination of contract

3 years from termination or amendment of the contract, other than in respect of tied agents when period is five years.5

5SUP 12.9.5 R

EEA tied agents

If a UK MiFID investment firm appoints an EEA tied agent the record keeping requirements in SUP 12.9 applies to that firm as though the EEA tied agent were an appointed representative.

(2) Copy of the original contract with the appointed representative and any subsequent amendments to it (including details of any restrictions placed on the activities which the appointed representative may carry on)

(3) Date and reason for terminating or amending the contract

(4) arrangements agreed with other principals under SUP 12.4.5B R2

SUP 13.11

UK firm exercising EEA right

(a) the services or activities it carries on from a branch in, or provide cross border services into, another EEA State under that EEA right; and the requisite details or relevant details relating to those services or activities (if applicable)

Not specified

Three years from the earlier of the date on which:(a) it was superseded by a more up-to-date record; or

(a) the UK firm ceased to have a branch in, or carry cross border services into, any EEA State under an EEA right

SUP 13.11.1 R

Exercise of passport rights by UK firms

(1) Services or activities carried on from a branch in, or provided4 cross-border into, another EEA State under an EEA right

Not specified

Five years (for firms passporting under MiFID) or three years (for other firms)4 from earlier of:(1) record being superseded;


(2) The details relating to those services or activities (as set out in SUP 13.6 and SUP 13.7).4


(2) firm ceasing to have any EEA branches or cross- border services.

SUP 16.8.23 R

Persistency reports and data reports

Records to enable the firm to monitor regularly the persistency of life policies and stakeholder pensions effected through each of its representatives and make the required reports to the FSA.

Not specified

Not specified