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SUP App 2.11 Submission of a scheme of operations or a plan for restoration

SUP App 2.11.1G

A firm should discuss its plan in draft with the FSA before submitting it. If a plan is submitted which does not satisfy the FSA that the firm can restore its capital resources (as appropriate), or meet its liabilities as they fall due, the FSA may use its own-initiative power to vary or cancel the firm's permission. If a firm submitting a plan is part of a group of companies, the FSA may ask that firm to provide additional information in relation to other companies in the group, if this is necessary to establish how the firm will restore its own sound financial position. The firm should agree in discussion with the FSA the nature of such additional information.

SUP App 2.11.2G

The schemes of operations required when a firm's capital resources have fallen below its required margin of solvency or its guarantee fund (see SUP App 2.5.1 R and SUP App 2.4.1 R, respectively) should cover a period which is sufficient to demonstrate that the firm's capital resources will be adequately restored. Typically this would be a period of at least three years. However, if a scheme of operations has expired, but SUP App 2.4.1 R or SUP App 2.5.1 R continues to apply, the firm should submit a new scheme of operations. The scheme of operations required by SUP App 2.8.1 R, when a firm ceases to effect new contracts of insurance, should cover the run-off period until all liabilities to policyholders are met.

SUP App 2.11.3G

The period to be covered by, and the details to be included in, the plan for restoration required by SUP App 2.5.3 R will depend on the circumstances of the firm, why its capital resources have fallen below its required margin of solvency and the degree of risk that that fall will be repeated, even if the firm restores its capital resources in accordance with its plan.

SUP App 2.11.4G

In relation to a firm which carries on with-profits insurance business and which submits a plan, the FSA would expect an explanation of how any actions it plans to take to restore capital resources to the level of the guarantee fund, required margin of solvency or capital resources requirement are consistent with the firm's obligations under Principle 6 (Customers' interests).