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SUP App 2.10 Grant or variation of permission

SUP App 2.10.1GRP

The PRA6 will ask Solvency II firms3 seeking a grant or variation of permission to provide a scheme of operations as part of the application process (see the UK provisions which implemented5 article 18 of the Solvency II Directive). It may make a similar request to other firms3 (see SUP 6.3.25 G). Firms which have submitted such a scheme of operations are3 not required to submit to the PRA6 a further scheme of operations under this appendix unless SUP App 2.8 or the relevant parts of PRA Rulebook: Non-Solvency II firms: Run Off Operations or PRA Rulebook: Solvency II firms: Run Off Operations apply4. SUP 6 Annex 4 does, however, apply to such a firm.