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SUP App 1.5 Determining the prudential categories of a firm

SUP App 1.5.1G

This appendix includes flow diagrams (Figures 1 and 2) to assist in determining the prudential category of a firm.

SUP App 1.5.2G

For a firm which became an authorised person after commencement, the FSA will have confirmed the applicable prudential category of the firm as part of the authorisation process.

SUP App 1.5.3G

For a firm with automatic authorisation by passporting under the Single Market Directives, exercising rights under the Treaty or as a UCITS qualifier, the FSA will have notified the firm of its prudential category at the same time as the FSA notified it of the applicable provisions to which it is subject (see 1SUP 13A1 for further details on inward passporting). If it has a top-up permission, then SUP App 1.5.2 G may also apply.