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SUP 21.1 Form of waiver for energy market participants

SUP 21.1.1GRP

1SUP 21 Annex 1 sets out a form of waiver that the FSA will be minded to give to energy market participants in the exercise of its statutory discretion under section 148 of the Act to grant a waiver of certainrules.

SUP 21.1.2GRP

Energy market participants should bear in mind that section 148 of the Act requires that in order to give a waiver of particular rules, the FSA must be satisfied that:

  1. (1)

    compliance with the rules, or with the rules as unmodified, would be unduly burdensome or would not achieve the purpose for which the rules were made; and

  2. (2)

    the waiver would not result in undue risk to persons whose interests the rules are intended to protect.

SUP 21.1.3GRP

Accordingly, the FSA must be satisfied that the statutory criteria will be met in each case where an energy market participant applies for a waiver in the form in SUP 21 Annex 1.

SUP 21.1.4GRP

In particular, clause 4 of the form of waiver in SUP 21 Annex 1 will not ordinarily be inserted in waivers for energy market participants that will not, at the time the waiver will take effect, clearly satisfy the conditions set out in that clause. For these purposes the FSA will take into account the relative proportions of the energy market participant's assets and revenues that are referable to the various parts of its business, as well as to any other factor that the FSA considers is relevant to an assessment of the prudential risk presented by the energy market participant.