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SUP 20.5 Transaction reporting fees

SUP 20.5.1G

Firms which are required to report transactions under SUP 17 (Transaction reporting) may, in certain circumstances, use the FSA's Direct Reporting System (see SUP 17).

SUP 20.5.2G

The provision of this facility by the FSA incurs costs to it. Those costs depend upon the amount which the facility is used. Accordingly the income which the FSA receives from these transaction reporting fees will be set and accounted for separately from the fee block tariffs set out in SUP 20 Annex 3 R.1

SUP 20.5.3R

A firm which reports its reportable transactions to the FSA using the FSA's Direct Reporting System (see SUP 17) must pay the fees specified in Part 1 of SUP 20 Annex 3 R.1