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SUP 17.4 1Information in transaction reports

Information to appear in transaction reports

SUP 17.4.1EURP

Reports of transactions made in accordance with Articles 25 (3) and (5) of MiFID shall contain the information specified in SUP 17 Annex 1 EU which is relevant to the type of financial instrument in question and which the FCA declares is not already in its possession or is not available to it by other means.

[Note: article 13(1) of the MiFID Regulation.]

SUP 17.4.2RRP

The reports referred to in SUP 17.4.1 EU shall, in particular include details of the names and the numbers of the instruments bought or sold, the quantity, the dates and times of execution and the transaction prices and means of identifying the firms concerned.

[Note: article 25(4) of MiFID]

Data retention

SUP 17.4.3RRP

1A firm must keep at the disposal of the FCA, for at least five years, the relevant data relating to all transactions in financial instruments which it has carried out, whether on own account or on behalf of a client. In the case of transactions carried out on behalf of clients, the records shall contain all the information and details of the identity of the client, and the information required under the money laundering directive.

[Note: article 25(2) of MiFID]

Maintenance of information by firm

SUP 17.4.4GRP

1The requirement to keep information at the disposal of the FCA means that a firm should maintain that information in such a form that it can readily be gathered and transmitted to the FCA upon request. Where more than one firm has given effect to a transaction, each firm should be considered to have carried out the transaction for the purposes of SUP 17.4.3 R and should keep the records, even where only one firm makes a transaction report as contemplated in this Chapter.