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SUP 10A.4 Specification of functions

SUP 10A.4.1RRP

Each of the functions described in SUP 10A.4.4 R (the table of FCA controlled function) is an FCA controlled function.

SUP 10A.4.2RRP

Part 1 of the table of FCA controlled functions applies in relation to an FCA-authorised person. It also applies in relation to an appointed representative for the purposes of SUP 10A.1.15 R (Appointed representatives) whether its principal is an FCA-authorised person or a PRA-authorised person. Part 2 applies in relation to a PRA-authorised person.

SUP 10A.4.3GRP

The fact that a person may be FCA-approved for one purpose does not have the effect of bringing all his activities within that FCA controlled function.