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PERG 2.11 What to do now ?

PERG 2.11.1GRP

Any person who concludes or is advised that he will need to make an application for Part IV permission should look at PERG 2 Annex 2 G to determine the categories of specified investment and regulated activities that are relevant to the next step and should then refer to the FSA website How do I get authorised: for details of the application process.

PERG 2.11.2GRP

2As part of its application for Part IV permission, an applicant may wish to apply for certain limitations (details of which are given in the application pack).

PERG 2.11.3GRP

2An example of limitations which may be applied for or imposed include a limit on the types of client that a firm may deal with including:

  1. (1)

    retail (investment);

  2. (2)


  3. (3)

    eligible counterparty;

These limitations correspond to the Glossary terms retail client, professional client and eligible counterparty.