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MIGI 14.3 Complaints reporting to the FSA

MIGI 14.3.1G

Under our rules, you need to send in a complaints report unless your firm only conducts business with clients who are not eligible complainants (which will be unlikely for small mortgage and insurance intermediaries) (DISP 1.1.7 R). Reports must be submitted electronically (see DISP 1.5.10 R to DISP 1.5.10A R), must cover the information in DISP 1.5.4 R and be in the format set out in DISP 1 Annex 1R

When and how often should I submit complaints reports?

MIGI 14.3.2G

You are required to send a report to us twice each year within 30 business days of the end of the relevant reporting period. The reporting periods are:

  1. (1)

    1 April to 30 September; and

  2. (2)

    1 October to 31 March.

MIGI 14.3.3G

There are transitional arrangements governing when mortgage and insurance intermediaries must submit their complaints reports if they become authorised before 1 April 2005. They will be required to submit their first complaints report for the period 1 April 2005 to 30 September 2005. The transitional provisions, which relate to DISP 1.5.4 R, can be found in the table at DISP TP 1.

How do I submit a report?

MIGI 14.3.4G

You must submit reports electronically via the internet, using the 'Firms Online' system (

MIGI 14.3.5G

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