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MAR 3.3 Contents and status of this chapter

MAR 3.3.1G

MAR 3 Annex 1 G provides guidance on the scope of this chapter.

MAR 3.3.2G

MAR 3 is not the only chapter of the Handbook that applies to firms doing inter-professional business. Firms should always consider what other parts of the Handbook may apply to them. A table listing the applicable Principles is set out in MAR 3 Annex 2 G. The table also sets out the key provisions of COB and CASS that may also apply to firms doing inter-professional business, but it should not be read as an exhaustive list. Firms should also consider the other provisions of the Handbook, especially but not exclusively ML,2 IPRU and PRU2.1

MAR 3.3.3G

MAR 3 Annex 3 G is a statement of what the FSA understands to be generally regarded as good market practice and conventions in certain areas. It is not guidance on rules.