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LR Sch 4 Powers exercised

LR Sch 4.1G

The following powers and related provisions in or under the Act have been exercised by the FSA to make the rules in LR:

Section 73A (Part 6 Rules)

Section 75 (Applications for listing)

Section 77 (Discontinuance and suspension of listing)

Section 79 (Listing particulars and other documents)

Section 80 (General duty of disclosure in listing particulars)

Section 81 (Supplementary listing particulars)

Section 88 (Sponsors)

Section 89 (Public censure of sponsor)

Section 96 (Obligations of issuers of listed securities)

Section 99 (Fees)

Section 100 (Penalties)

Section 101 (Part 6 rules: general provisions)

Section 138 (General rule-making power)

Section 156 (General supplementary powers)

Schedule 7 (The Authority as Competent Authority for Part VI)

LR Sch 4.2G

The following power in the Act has been exercised by the FSA to give the guidance in LR:


Section 157(1) (Guidance)