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LR 8.1 Application

Sponsors and applicants

LR 8.1.1RRP

1A sponsor must comply with:

  1. (1)

    LR 8.3 (Role of a sponsor: general); 4

  2. (2)

    LR 8.4 (Role of a sponsor: transactions); 4

  3. (3)

    4LR 8.6 (Criteria for approval as a sponsor); and

  4. (4)

    4LR 8.7 (Supervision of sponsors).

LR 8.1.1ARRP

4A person applying for approval as a sponsor must comply with LR 8.6 (Criteria for approval as a sponsor).

Listed companies and applicants

LR 8.1.2RRP

A company with, or applying for, a premium listing3 must comply with LR 8.2 (When a sponsor must be appointed or its guidance2 obtained) and LR 8.5 (Responsibilities of listed companies).