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ICOBS 6.-1 Producing and providing product information

Responsibilities for producing and providing information as between insurers and insurance intermediaries: general

ICOBS 6.-1.1R

1An insurer is responsible for producing, and an insurance intermediary for providing to a customer, the information required by this chapter and by the distance communication rules (see ICOBS 3.1). However, an insurer is responsible for providing information required on mid-term changes, and an insurance intermediary is responsible for producing price information if it agrees this with an insurer.

ICOBS 6.-1.2R

1If there is no insurance intermediary, the insurer is responsible for producing and providing the information.

ICOBS 6.-1.3R

1An insurer must produce information in good time to enable the insurance intermediary to comply with the rules in this chapter, or promptly on an insurance intermediary's request.

ICOBS 6.-1.4R

1These general rules on the responsibilities of insurers and insurance intermediaries are modified by ICOBS 6 Annex 1 if one of the firms is not based in the United Kingdom, and in certain other situations.

Responsibility for producing the standardised insurance product information document

ICOBS 6.-1.5R

1The IPID must be drawn up by the manufacturer of the policy.

[Note: article 20(6) of the IDD]