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FEES 3 Annex 10 Fees payable for authorisation as an authorised electronic money institution or registration as a small electronic money institution or variation thereof, including notification fees, 2 in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations

FEES 3 Annex 10R

Authorisation, registration and variation fees payable

1Application type for authorisation, registration, variation or notification under Part 2 of the Electronic Money Regulations2


Amount payable

(1) small electronic money institution


(2) authorised electronic money institution


2(3) electronic money institution - where, at the time the application is made, the applicant intends to use agents

3 for each agent registered with the FSA at the time of application.

This fee is in addition to any fees due under paragraph (1) or (2) of this table.

2(4) electronic money institution - where, during the course of the FSA financial year (12 months ending 31 March), the firm notifies the FSA of any changes to the list of agents it has registered since its authorisation

3 for each change notified to the FSA during the FSA financial year.

No fee is due under paragraph (4) if the total number of notifications to the FSA during the FSA financial year numbers 100 or less.