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ENF 6.11 Publication

ENF 6.11.1G
  1. (1)

    The FSA considers it generally appropriate to publish details of its successful applications to the court for injunctions. For example, where the court has ordered an injunction to prohibit further illegal activity, it will normally be appropriate to publicise this to inform consumers of the position and help them avoid dealing with the person who is the subject of the injunction. However, there may be circumstances when the FSA decides not to publicise, or not to do this immediately. These circumstances might, for example, be where publication could damage confidence in the financial system or undermine market integrity in a way that would be prejudicial to the interests of consumers.

  2. (2)

    Where the behaviour to which the injunction relates has occurred in the context of a takeover bid, the FSA will consult the Takeover Panel over the timing of publication if the FSA believes that publication may affect the timetable or outcome of that bid, and will give due weight to the Takeover Panel's views.