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ELM Sch 2 Notification requirements

ELM Sch 2.1G


The aim of the guidance in the following table is to give the reader a quick overall view of the relevant requirements for notification and reporting.


It is not a complete statement of those requirements and should not be relied on as if it were.

ELM Sch 2.2G

Handbook reference

Matter to be notified

Contents of notification

Trigger event

Time allowed

ELM 2.5.5 R

Projected amounts of e-money outstandings

Revised projections under ELM 2.5.4 R

Original projections significantly incorrect

Within ten business days of need for revised projections having been established

ELM 3.5.21 R

Reportable large exposure

Pending or existing reportable large exposure not already notified

A proposal to enter into a transaction or transactions that would result in a reportable large exposure or, if not notified at the proposal stage, once a reportable large exposure exists


ELM 4.4.5 G

Intention to launch a promotion under which the price paid by purchasers of e-money is less than its monetary value

Intention and details about the promotion

Decision to launch such a promotion


ELM 4.4.6 G

As above

Changes in expectations and any substantial difference between expectations and actual outcome

Fact of change or difference in outcome


ELM 8.7.1 R

Periodic reports


End of each half financial year

Within tenbusiness days of the end of each half financial year

ELM 8.7.2 R

Change reports

Change in conditions in ELM 8.4

Fact of change

Within two business days of the change occurring

ELM 8.7.3 R

Where small e-money issuer's total liabilities exceed 5 million euro


Fact of excess

Within two business days of the excess occurring

ELM 8.7.13 R

Corrections to information provided

Full details, an explanation for the error and the correct information.

On small e-money issuer's becoming aware of the need to correct the information