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EG 9.1 Introduction

EG 9.1.1RP

1The FCA's power under section 56 of the Act to prohibit individuals who are not fit and proper from carrying out functions in relation to regulated activities helps the FCA to work towards achieving its statutory objectives. The FCA may exercise this power to make a prohibition order where it considers that, to achieve any of those objectives, it is appropriate either to prevent an individual from performing any function in relation to regulated activities, or to restrict the functions which he may perform.

EG 9.1.2RP

1The FCA's effective use of the power under section 63 of the Act to withdraw approval from an approved person will also help ensure high standards of regulatory conduct by preventing an approved person from continuing to perform the controlled function to which the approval relates if he is not a fit and proper person to perform that function. Where it considers this is appropriate, the FCA may prohibit an approved person, in addition to withdrawing their approval.