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EG 4.8 2Scoping discussions

EG 4.8.1RP

2For cases involving firms,1 approved persons or conduct rules staff1, the FCA will generally hold scoping discussions with the firm or individuals concerned close to the start of the investigation (and may do so in other cases). The purpose of these discussions is to give the firm or individuals concerned in the investigation an indication of: why the FCA has appointed investigators (including the nature of and reasons for the FCA's concerns); the scope of the investigation; how the process is likely to unfold; the individuals and documents the team will need access to initially and so on. There is a limit, however, as to how specific the FCA can be about the nature of its concerns in the early stages of an investigation. The FCA team for the purposes of the scoping discussions will normally include the nominated supervisor if the subject is a fixed portfolio firm.

EG 4.8.2RP

2In addition to the initial scoping discussions, there will be an ongoing dialogue with the firm or individuals throughout the investigative process. Where the nature of the FCA's concerns changes significantly from that notified to the person under investigation and the FCA, having reconsidered the case, is satisfied that it is appropriate in the circumstances to continue the investigation, the FCA will notify the person of the change in scope.