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EG 4.10 1The timeframe for responding to information and document requirements

EG 4.10.1RP

1As delays in the provision of information and/or documents can have a significant impact on the efficient progression of an investigation, the FCA expects persons to respond to information and document requests in a timely manner to appropriate deadlines. When an investigation is complex (and the timetable allows), the FCA may decide to issue an information or document requirement in draft, allowing a specified period (of usually no more than three working days) for the person to comment on the practicality of providing the information or documentation by the proposed deadline. After considering any comments, the FCA will then confirm or amend the request. The FCA will not, however, send such a draft request where the request is straightforward and the FCA considers that it is reasonable to expect the information or documents to be made available within the FCA's specified timeframe.

EG 4.10.2RP

1Once it has formally issued a requirement (whether or not this has been preceded by a draft), the FCA will not usually agree to an extension of time for complying with the requirement unless compelling reasons are provided to support an extension request.