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EG 3.1 2Introduction

EG 3.1.1RP

2The FCA has various powers under sections 97, 122A, 122B, 122C,1 131E, 131FA, 165 to 169 and 284 of the Act and Schedule 5 to the CRA to gather information and appoint investigators, and to require the production of a report by a skilled person. In any particular case, the FCA will decide which powers, or combination of powers, are most appropriate to use having regard to all the circumstances. Further comments on the use of these powers are set out below.

EG 3.1.2RP

2Information may also be provided to the FCA voluntarily. For example, firms may at times commission an internal investigation or a report from an external law firm or other professional adviser and decide to pass a copy of this report to the FCA. Such reports can be very helpful for the FCA in circumstances where enforcement action is anticipated or underway. The FCA's approach to using firm-commissioned reports in an enforcement context is set out at the end of this chapter.