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DTR 2.6 Control of inside information

Denying access to inside information

DTR 2.6.1GRP

1An issuer should establish effective arrangements to deny access to inside information to persons other than those who require it for the exercise of their functions within the issuer.

Breach of confidentiality

DTR 2.6.2R


DTR 2.6.2AUK

[article 17(7) of the Market Abuse Regulation]2

DTR 2.6.3GRP

If an issuer is relying on article 17(4) or 17(5) of the Market Abuse Regulation1 to delay the disclosure of inside information it should prepare a holding announcement to be disclosed in the event of an actual or likely breach of confidence. Such a holding announcement should include the details set out in DTR 2.2.9 G (2).

DTR 2.6.4GRP

We recognise that an issuer may not be responsible for breach of article 17(4) or 17(5) of the Market Abuse Regulation1 if a recipient of inside information under article 17 of the Market Abuse Regulation1 breaches his duty of confidentiality.