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DTR 2.3 Publication of information on internet site

DTR 2.3.1R

DTR 2.3.2 R - DTR 2.3.5 R apply to an issuer that has an internet site.

DTR 2.3.2R

Inside information announced via a RIS must be available on the issuer's internet site by the close of the business day following the day of the RIS announcement.

DTR 2.3.3R

An issuer must ensure that inside information is notified to a RIS before, or simultaneously with, publication of such inside information on its internet site.

DTR 2.3.4G

To ensure fast access and correct and timely assessment of the information by the public, an issuer should not publish inside information on its internet site as an alternative to its disclosure via a RIS.

DTR 2.3.5R

An issuer must, for a period of one year following publication, post on its internet sites all inside information that it is required to disclose via a RIS. [Note: Article 6(1) Market Abuse Directive]