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DISP App 3.8 Other appropriate redress at steps 1 and 2

Step 1

DISP App 3.8.1ERP

The remedies in DISP App 3.7 are not exhaustive.

DISP App 3.8.2ERP

When applying a remedy other than those set out in DISP App 3.7, the firm should satisfy itself that the remedy is appropriate to the matter complained of and is appropriate and fair in the individual circumstances.

Step 2

DISP App 3.8.3ERP

1The remedies in DISP App 3.7A are not exhaustive.

DISP App 3.8.4E

1A firm should depart from the remedies set out in DISP App 3.7A if there are factors in a particular complaint which require a different amount or form of redress in order to remedy the unfairness found.