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DEPP 7.1 Application and purpose



1DEPP 7 applies when the FSA:

  1. (1)

    has appointed an investigator at the request of an overseas regulator, under section 169(1)(b) (Assistance to overseas regulators) of the Act; and

  2. (2)

    has directed, or is considering directing, the investigator, under section 169(7) of the Act, to permit a representative of the overseas regulator to attend, and take part in, any interview conducted for the purposes of the investigation.


In DEPP 7, a "section 169(7) interview" means any interview conducted for the purposes of an investigation under section 169(1)(b) of the Act in relation to which the FSA has given a direction under section 169(7) of the Act.



The purpose of DEPP 7 is to set out the FSA's statement of policy on the conduct of interviews to which a direction under section 169(7) has been given or the FSA is considering giving. The FSA is required to prepare and publish this statement of policy by section 169(9) and (11) of the Act. As required by section 169(10) of the Act, the Treasury has approved the statement of policy.


The FSA is keen to promote co-operation with overseas regulators. It views provision of assistance to overseas regulators as an essential part of the principles set out in section 2(3)(e) of the Act to which it must have regard in discharging its general functions.