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COMP 12A.2 Personal representatives, agents and joint claims

COMP 12A.2.1R

Where a person numbers among his claims a claim as the personal representative of another, the FSCS must treat him in respect of that claim as if he were standing in the shoes of that other person.

[Note: this and other rules in this section derive from provisions previously in COMP 12.6]

COMP 12A.2.2R

If a claimant has a claim as agent for one or more principals, the FSCS must treat the principal or principals as having the claim, not the claimant.

COMP 12A.2.3R

If two or more persons have a joint beneficial claim, the claim is to be treated as a claim of the partnership if they are carrying on business together in partnership. Otherwise each of those persons is taken to have a claim for his share, and in the absence of satisfactory evidence as to their respective shares, the FSCS must regard each person as entitled to an equal share.