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COMP 1.2.1G

While this sourcebook deals with the main powers and duties of the FSCS, it does not provide the complete picture. Other aspects of the operation of the FSCS are dealt with through the powers of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme Limited under company law (such as the power to borrow, to take on premises, etc.).

COMP 1.2.2G
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    In addition, the Act itself confers certain powers upon the FSCS, such as a power under section 219 of the Act (Scheme Manager's powers to require information) to require persons to provide information. These powers are not, therefore, covered by this sourcebook.

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    Of specific relevance to the way in which the FSCS fulfils its responsibilities is the relationship between the FSCS and the FSA. This is covered in a Memorandum of Understanding which can be found on the FSA website