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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-10-03.

COBS 6 Annex 2 359Combined initial disclosure document described in COBS 6.3, ICOBS 4.5 and MCOB 4.4A.20G9

This specimen covers services in relation to packaged products, non-investment insurance contracts and home finance transactions (including equity release transactions).

If the firm is not providing services in relation to all products, the parts of the combined initial disclosure document that are not relevant should be omitted.

Firms should omit the notes and square brackets that appear in the following combined initial disclosure document. The completed combined initial disclosure document should contain the Key facts logo, headings and text in the order shown and in accordance with the notes. Subject to this, a firm may use its own house style and brand.5

COBS 6 Annex 2: Combined initial disclosure document described in COBS 6.3, ICOBS 4.5, MCOB 4.4.1R(1) and MCOB 4.10.2R(1) - COBS 6 Annex 29