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COBS 18.8 OPS firms - non scope business1

COBS 18.8.1RRP

1COBS applies to an OPS firm when it carries on business which is not MiFID or equivalent third country business, with the following modifications:

  1. (1)

    references to client are to be taken to be references to the OPS or welfare trust, as the case may be, in respect of which the OPS firm is acting or intends to act, and with or for the benefit of whom the relevant business is to be carried on;

  2. (2)

    if an OPS firm is required by any COBS rule to provide information to, or obtain consent from, a client, that firm must ensure that the information is provided to, or consent obtained from, each of the trustees of the OPS or welfare trust for whom that firm is acting; and

  3. (3)

    COBS is modified by the addition of the rules in the table below:

  4. Additional COBS rules applicable to an OPS firm



    16.2.6R (4)

    If an OPS firm carries on OPS activity for an OPS trustee who is a professional client and who is habitually resident in the United Kingdom, it may rely upon the exceptions in COBS 16.2.1 R (2) or COBS 16.2.6 R (1) only if it provides a periodic statement to the professional client containing the information required by COBS 18.8.2R

COBS 18.8.2RRP

Where an OPS firm conducts OPS activity and is obliged to provide a periodic statement, the periodic statement must contain the information in the table below.

Information to be included in a periodic statement provided by an OPS firm conducting OPS activity


Investment objectives

A statement of any investment objectives governing the mandate of the portfolio of the occupational pension scheme as at the closing and starting date of the periodic statement.


Details of any asset loaned or charged

(a) a summary of any investments that were, at the closing date, lent to a third party and any investments that were at that date charged to secure borrowings made on behalf of the portfolio; and

(b) the aggregate of any interest payments made and income received during the account period in respect of loans or borrowings made during that period and a comparison with the previous period.


Transactions and changes in composition

(a) a summary of the transactions entered into for the portfolio during the period and a comparison with the previous period;

(b) the aggregate of money and a summary of all investments transferred into and out of the portfolio during the period; and

(c) the aggregate of any interest payments, dividends and other benefits received by the firm for the portfolio during that period and a comparison with the previous period.


Charges and remuneration

If not previously advised in writing, a statement for the period of account:

(a) of the aggregate charges of the firm and its associates; and

(b) of any remuneration received by the firm or its associates or both from a third party in respect of the transactions entered into, or any other services provided, for the portfolio.


Movement in value of portfolio

A statement of the difference between the value of the portfolio at the closing date of the period of account and its value at the starting date, having regard, during the period of account, to:

(a) the aggregate of assets received from the occupational pension scheme and added to the portfolio;

(b) the aggregate of the value of assets transferred, or of amounts paid, to the client;

(c) the aggregate income received on behalf of the client in respect of the portfolio; and

(d) the aggregate of realised and unrealised profits or gains and losses attributable to the assets comprised in the portfolio.

COBS 18.8.3RRP

COBS 8 (Client agreements) does not apply to an OPS firm, where the OPS firm is carrying on designated investment business as part of its OPS activity in relation to an occupational pension scheme of which it is a trustee.