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COBS 10.1 Application and purpose provisions

COBS 10.1.1RRP

1This chapter applies to a firm which provides investment services in the course of MiFID or equivalent third country business other than making a personal recommendation and managing investments.

COBS 10.1.2RRP

This chapter applies to a firm which arranges or deals in relation to a derivative or a warrant with or for a retail client and the firm is aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, that the application or order is in response to a direct offer financial promotion.

COBS 10.1.3RRP

This chapter applies to a firm which assesses appropriateness on behalf of another MiFID investment firm so that the other firm may rely on the assessment under COBS 2.4.4 R (Reliance on other investment firms: MiFID and equivalent business).

Related rules

COBS 10.1.4GRP

A firm that is carrying on a regulated activity on a non-advised basis, whether or not the rules in this chapter apply to its activities, should also consider whether other rules in COBS apply. For example, a firm carrying on insurance mediation activity in relation to a life policy that does not involve the provision of advice, should have regard to COBS 7 (Insurance mediation).