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CASS 7 Annex 2 Client bank account acknowledgment letter template


[letterhead of firm subject to CASS 7.8.1 R , including full name and address of firm]

[name and address of bank]


Client Money Acknowledgment Letter (pursuant to the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority)

We refer to the following [current/deposit account[s]] [and/or] [money market deposit[s]] which [name of CASS firm], regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number [FRN]), ("us", "we" or "our") [has opened or will open] [and/or] [has deposited or will deposit] with [name of bank] ("you" or "your"):

[insert the account title[s], the account unique identifier[s] (for example, as relevant, sort code and account number, deposit number or reference code) and (if applicable) any abbreviated name of the account[s] as reflected in the bank's systems]

([collectively,] the "Client Bank Account[s]").

In relation to [each of] the Client Bank Account[s] identified above you acknowledge that we have notified you that:

  1. (a) we are under an obligation to keep money we hold belonging to our clients separate from our own money;

  2. (b) we have opened, or will open, the Client Bank Account for the purpose of depositing money with you on behalf of our clients; and

  3. (c) we hold all money standing to the credit of the Client Bank Account in our capacity as trustee under the laws applicable to us.

In relation to [each of] the Client Bank Account[s] above you agree that:

  1. (d) you do not have any recourse or right against money in the Client Bank Account in respect of any sum owed to you, or owed to any third party, on any other account (including any account we use for our own money), and this means for example that you do not have any right to combine the Client Bank Account with any other account and any right of set-off or counterclaim against money in the Client Bank Account;

  2. (e) you will title, or have titled, the Client Bank Account as stated above and that such title is different to the title of any other account containing money that belongs to us or to any third party; and

  3. (f) you are required to release on demand all money standing to the credit of the Client Bank Account upon proper notice and instruction from us or a liquidator, receiver, administrator, or trustee (or similar person) appointed for us in bankruptcy (or similar procedure), in any relevant jurisdiction, except for:

    1. (1) any properly incurred charges or liabilities owed to you on, and arising from the operation of, the Client Bank Account; and

    2. (2) until the fixed term expires, any amounts held for the time being under a fixed term deposit arrangement which cannot be terminated before the expiry of the fixed term,

    provided that you have a contractual right to retain such money under (1) or (2) and that this right is notwithstanding paragraphs (a) to (c) above and without breach of your agreement to paragraph (d) above.

We acknowledge that:

  1. (g) you are not responsible for ensuring compliance by us with our own obligations, including as trustee, in respect of the Client Bank Account[s].

You and we agree that:

  1. (h) the terms of this letter shall remain binding upon the parties, their successors and assigns, and, for the avoidance of doubt, regardless of any change in name of any party;

  2. (i) this letter supersedes and replaces any previous agreement between the parties in connection with the Client Bank Account[s], to the extent that such previous agreement is inconsistent with this letter;

  3. (j) in the event of any conflict between this letter and any other agreement between the parties in connection with the Client Bank Account[s], this letter agreement shall prevail;

  4. (k) no variation to the terms of this letter shall be effective unless it is in writing, signed by the parties and permitted under the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority;

  5. (l) this letter shall be governed by the laws of [insert appropriate jurisdiction] [firms may optionally use this space to insert additional wording to record an intention to exclude any rules of private international law that could lead to the application of the substantive law of another jurisdiction]; and

  6. (m) the courts of [insert same jurisdiction as previous] shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this letter or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

Please sign and return the enclosed copy of this letter as soon as possible. We remind you that, pursuant to the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, we are not allowed to use the Client Bank Account[s] to deposit any money belonging to our clients with you until you have acknowledged and agreed to the terms of this letter.

For and on behalf of [name of CASS firm]


Authorised Signatory

[Signed by [name of third party administrator] on behalf of [CASS firm]]

Print Name:



For and on behalf of [name of bank]


Authorised Signatory

Print Name:


Contact Information: [insert signatory's phone number and email address]