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BSOG 1A.7 Deciding an Application

BSOG 1A.7.1G

The person taking the hearing will not normally announce a decision at the hearing or give any indication as to the Authorityslikely decision.

BSOG 1A.7.2G

The Authoritys decision with reasons will always be given in writing. The Authority will normally expect to issue its decision within 15 working days of a hearing. A copy will be sent to the applicant and to the society.

BSOG 1A.7.3G

The Authority will make its decision public. It would also normally expect to make copies of its written decision with reasons available to those interested to see it. It may decide not to do so, however, where it considers that publication could be prejudicial to the interests of shareholders or depositors in or with the society. The Authority will, if either applicant or society objects to the publication of its written decision, give both parties the opportunity to make representations to it.