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BSOG 1A.1 Introduction

BSOG 1A.1.1G

1This chapter gives guidance to building societies, and to those members of building societies considering making an application to the Authority about the exercise of the right to obtain access to the registers of members of building societies. This right is governed by the provisions of paragraph 15 of Schedule 2 to the 1986 Act. Societies should be aware, however, that the Electronic Communications Order 2003 modifies various provisions of the 1986 Act to enable the use of electronic communications between societies, their members and other persons, subject to their consent. In particular, the Order provides for the inclusion of a member's electronic address in the register of members in addition to a postal address. The remaining text of this chapter has not been amended to take account of the Order, but the Authority will in general be prepared to use electronic communication if requested by the society or the applicant and some procedures may have to be adapted accordingly.

BSOG 1A.1.2G

This guidance is not a definitive interpretation of the 1986 Act. That is a matter for the courts.