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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2005-06-30.

AUTH 3.19 Specific obligations: applications in connection with group-restructuring

AUTH 3.19.1G

Where an application for Part IV permission is to be made as part of the restructuring of a group which includes, or will include, one or more firms, the group's plans should be discussed with the supervisor or lead supervisor for the group at the FSA. This is particularly important where a group intends to transfer business into a new entity from a firm in its group and then wishes to apply for cancellation of that firm's Part IV permission.

AUTH 3.19.2G

The application for Part IV permission for the new entity should be submitted to the Enquiries and Applications Department (Applications team) with details of the group and any business the group proposes to transfer. Applicants should note that particular requirements apply to transfers of insurance business, or if the business includes accepting deposits.1

AUTH 3.19.3G

If applications for Part IV permission and for cancellation of Part IV permission (see SUP 6) have been submitted, then the Enquiries and Applications Department (Applications team) will liaise with the lead supervisor, who will liaise with the group in respect of its applications. Although the group will need to obtain Part IV permission for the new entity first, the FSA will endeavour to process, if possible, the other applications at the same time.1

AUTH 3.19.4G

Statutory procedures apply to the transfer of insurance business or banking business (see SUP 18).